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Upscaling Memories: «Hunting once in the foggy morning»

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Hey folks, remember our very first comic, «Hunting once in the foggy morning»? That gem from way back in 2017. When I first started sketching it out, Micah [ap6y3chub] was my rock, my muse. But man, even he wasn’t sure we could pull it off. Why? ‘Cause we were green, no comic-making chops whatsoever. It’s like, you know, those long-haul projects that never see the light of day? Burnout, life, you name it. But guess what? We nailed it, and didn’t just stop there.

Check out how our skills have leveled up since then. I recently tried those pages an AI upscale, and boy, do they look snazzy now. Thinking of maybe whipping up a slick PDF version. We gave out this comic for free, spreading compromising unexpected emotions.

Hit up the comments, will ya? Keen to hear your thoughts on it. And if you were one of the OGs who read it back in the day, spill the beans – what kinda vibe did it give you?

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