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A Characters Study And His Trigger Points: In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle

Hi, guys! Jimm Hookins is in touch. Today I have an interesting topic for you to discuss.
As a comic book artist with a focus on a rare genre for a specific audience, I’m often asked about the nuances of character creation and how I achieve their recognizable image. It’s true noticed that over time, the drawing style and image quality can change, as my experience as an artist grows. And for those of you who are fans of big, hefty, and hairy men, you may have noticed that some details in a character’s image can change over the course of several months or years, especially if it involves multiple volumes.

But don’t worry – this is completely normal for the comic book genre. It’s impossible to maintain the absolute identity of a character over time, especially as an artist’s style and skills develop. Instead, to ensure character recognition, I give my characters prominent features, kind of like “trigger points.” These features quickly help the viewer to recognize the character and understand their story.

So if you notice changes in a favorite character’s image over time, know that it’s a natural process of developing a style and graphical detailing within one story. Engrossed artist constantly improves his skills in anatomy, drawing and rendering techniques to create higher quality images. This means that when you look at comic book pages created over a year, you may notice changes in a character’s image. But that’s because I’m constantly evolving and improving my style and skills, resulting in more expressive and interesting characters for you, my patrons.

I also understand the importance of character recognition and creating memorable images. And for fans of big chubby, and masculine men, it’s especially important to create characters that stand out and resonate with them. So the next time you read one of my comics, remember that each change in a character’s image is a reflection of my dedication to the craft and the ongoing process of creating characters that connect with readers on a deeper level.

As a comic book artist, I’ve had the privilege of creating characters that represent different aspects of the human experience, and this rare genre of comics for a narrow gay audience with specific kinks who like big masculinity men is no exception. In this article, I’ll be taking a closer look at key characters from my latest series, “Prescription BBQ from mr.Laam”, and «In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle» exploring the nuances of character creation and how their recognizable image is achieved.

Mr. Laam Nguen:

Hold onto your hats, folks, because we’re about to delve into the world of Mr. Laam – the most supreme and powerful figure in a villainous hierarchy. He’s an influential and respected person in this novel, with almost limitless power over the people in his community. At 55 years old, he’s tall and thin, with a pigtail at the back of his head and a shaved forehead, and he has a ritual tattoo of a snake. This man is the real deal – he finances and organizes a massive hunting event in honor of the annual harvest festival, complete with exceptional security and privacy for guests and participants. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good hunting party, am I right?

But Mr. Laam is also a cannibal, with a taste for the meat of large males caught against their will. He has a passion for hunting, and enjoys the act of breaking the will of his chosen victim. He admires large portly men sexually, and takes things further by cooking and eating their cock and filled testicles and creating a trophy from their stuffed head after he kills them.

Despite the depravity of his actions, there’s a moral dilemma that still exists in the psychology of this pervert. Before hunting, he performs a simple operation on a potential male victim, implanting tusks in him to make him look more like a beast than a man. This act presumably helps him justify his actions, allowing himself to commit murder and cannibalism.

Mr. Laam’s guests aren’t your average hunting enthusiasts. Oh no, these folks are a little more… unconventional. Some come to get their perverted sexual pleasure fix, while others are in it for the epic and shocking cooking spectacle, with unique delicacies that you won’t find anywhere else. And where is this magical place where all this excitement happens, you ask? Only at the villa of Mr. Laam Nguyen, of course.

a characters study and his trigger points: in the thumbscrews of jungle - bedtimestiries18art 1
A characters study and his trigger points: in the thumbscrews of jungle 8

Now, you might be wondering who exactly is Mr. Laam, and why is he such a influential? Well, his reputation ensures credibility in the highest circles of the secret society, making him a key player in this underground world of hunting parties and debauchery. And as if that wasn’t enough, he personally approves the selected candidate from those proposed by secret ballot for the role of the victim for each annual hunt, and then instructs his trusted confidant, Jim, to recruit and lure a potential participant to the villa in the settlement. All in all, it’s quite the elaborate setup, and it’s all done in such a way that the victim doesn’t even know what’s coming – this is what they call a preliminary hunt.

So there you have it, folks – the world of Mr. Laam, where the hunting is wild, the guests are even wilder, and the only limit is your imagination (and your stomach, probably). Whether you’re in it for the thrills, the cooking, or the kink, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your appetite at the villa of Mr. Laam Nguyen.

Creating such a complex character requires attention to detail, from his physical appearance to his actions and motivations. To ensure character recognition, we gave Mr. Laam prominent features, such as his pigtail, tattoo, and an irreversible ritual of implanting boar fangs into in the jaw of the unfortunate big boys. These “trigger points” help the reader quickly recognize him and understand his story.

These comics feature bigest then 500lbs character who embody everything you find attractive in a man. As a comics artist myself, I’ve had the pleasure of creating characters that fit this description. Take, for example, prototype of a real person my protagonist Micah, or ap6y3chub as he’s known online.

Micah Boar:

Micah: The big guy is the protagonist of the novel. White male, slightly older than 30 years old, Caucasian Slavic appearance. It is the prototype of a real guy – ap6y3chub.  You will recognize him by his powerful bulky physique, high growth and large body weight. He has chestnut hair, a short haircut, and a beard and mature body hairiness especially in intimate places, his chest, armpits, pubis, and an even distribution of fur on the skin. Also has a chain with an ancient heathenish amulet “Veles” and an earring in the form of a ring in his ear. Micah is fond of lifting weights, a trait that’s due to his farm life. Found his passion in freestyle wrestling since his youth. All this determines his appearance and character traits that we observe.
He’s also calm and balanced by nature, making it extremely difficult to piss him off. But beware, he’s dangerous in moments of rage or protection. He’s resourceful and knows how to craft with his bare hands from improvised means. He’s very hardy in the cold but doesn’t tolerate heat well. In the second comic featuring Micah, he’s implanted with tusks, as you remeber, giving him a slightly bestial boar appearance, and his speech became garbled for that reason.. But this has a double meaning that becomes clear from the content of the comic. Despite his imposing appearance, Micah is good-natured and perhaps overly trusting, which eventually played a cruel joke with him. Self-confidence and curiosity have taken him so far. Micah is also a closeted gay man, which led him to live a double life and find new acquaintances on the net. He spent a lot of time on Cam4 or Chaturbate having fun and showing himself to fans in a way that seemed safe to him. As a result, he caught the eye of Mr. Laam’s recruiters, and thus begins his journey in the comics plot. It all started about a year ago, when, after the next “fertility festival”, they began to look for a new victim for the next year.

These comics may be hard to fing wide auditory, but the thoroughgoing plot and characters and stories within them are worth the effort. They offer a unique perspective and representation that’s often missing in mainstream storytale. So embrace your kinks and indulge in the world of big, hefty, and hairy men.


a characters study and his trigger points: in the thumbscrews of jungle - bedtimestiries18art 5
A characters study and his trigger points: in the thumbscrews of jungle 9

When I first read about Jim, I was intrigued. Mr. Laam’s right-hand man, a man with autonomy and power, but also with a dark side. As a comics artist, I was excited to bring this complex character to life on the page.

Jim is not your typical villain. At first glance, he may seem unassuming, with his average height and wiry build. But there’s something about his intense gaze and the way he carries himself that makes him stand out in a other characters.

Perhaps it’s the way he holds himself with a predatory grace, like a hunter stalking his prey. Or maybe it’s the gleam in his eye when he talks about his true passion: the hunt. Jim has always been a man possessed by his dark desires, and his ultimate goal is to successfully hunt the big man Micah, who he believes would be a deliciously tasty guy-boar.

He’s not a monster with superpowers or a maniacal crazy. He’s something much more insidious, much more human. He’s a man with a past, a man with desires, and a man with a willingness to cross any line to get what he wants.

Drawing Jim was both challenging and rewarding. I had to capture the nuances of his appearance, from his wiry build to the tusk of a wild boar he wears around his neck. But more importantly, I had to convey the duality of his nature. His charm and charisma on one side, and his manipulative and perverted side on the other.

As I worked on Jim’s character, I began to understand his motivations. He’s not evil for the sake of being evil. He’s driven by his passions, by his desires, and by his ambition. It may sound twisted, but Jim’s single-minded determination is awe-inspiring in its own way. He’s a man who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to achieve it. He’s also highly intelligent and manipulative, using his expertise in field medicine and experience as a mercenary to gain the upper hand in any situation.

And yet, as much as Jim is a negative character, he’s also an essential part of the story. Without him, the conflict between the heroes and villains would lack depth and complexity.

And then there’s his trophy amulet, a tusk of a wild boar that he received on one of the hunts organized by Mr. Laam, his powerful patron. For some reason, this amulet is incredibly important to Jim, but he’s never revealed why. It’s just one more mystery surrounding this enigmatic character.

In the end, it’s Jim’s passion that sets him apart from other hunters and chefs. He’s not just in it for the thrill of the chase, but for the pure joy of sinking his teeth into the succulent flesh of his prey. It may be a dark passion, but it’s one that drives him to succeed, no matter what obstacles he may face.

So while to me he’s a force to be reckoned with. He’s a fellow who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to achieve it, and that kind of passion is something to be admired.

Takumi Iori:

a characters study and his trigger points: in the thumbscrews of jungle - bedtimestiries18art 6
A characters study and his trigger points: in the thumbscrews of jungle 10

As artist, I’ve had the chance to draw all sorts of characters, from heroes to villains. But Takumi Iori, the wealthy Japanese man I’m about to introduce you to, is one of the most interesting and unsettling characters.

At first glance, Takumi seems like your typical rich young man. He inherited a fortune from his family, which he uses to fund his passion for hunting. But Takumi’s interest in hunting goes beyond the usual. He loves the thrill of the chase, the adrenaline rush of pursuing a worthy prey. And what prey could be more worthy than a large, strong guy like sumo wrestle?

You see, Takumi is not only a hunter, but also the owner and sponsor of a sumo school in Osaka. He’s a fan of the exotic heavyweight sport and its traditions, but he also sees it as an opportunity to satisfy his dark desires. He’s bisexual and views large men as competitors, feeling a subconscious need to control, dominate, or possess them in any form.

It was on the darknet where Takumi met Mr. Laam’s people, and was eventually accepted into the gated community as a hunter on man’s like a big boar. In this community, Takumi found his full release and passion. He collects the trophies of his slain victims, preferring sweat underwear rags or a tuft of hair. And as a gourmet of exotic dishes and an adherent of the Japanese style of cooking meat, he sees his prey not only as a challenge, but also as a delicacy.

It’s unsettling to think about, but there’s something subtle and crazy about Takumi’s character. His passion and intensity are captivating, even if his actions are reprehensible. As a comic book artist, it’s my job to depict even the most unsettling characters in a compelling way. And I have to admit, drawing Takumi is both challenging and rewarding.

Immu Jero:

a characters study and his trigger points: in the thumbscrews of jungle - bedtimestiries18art 7
A characters study and his trigger points: in the thumbscrews of jungle 11

So, next I wanna talk about one of the most badass characters out there – Immu Jero.

This man is a real manhunter. He’s got a muscular build and looks like he’s been through some serious sh*t. He’s got experience in rebel wars and sea piracy, and he made his fortune by selling weapons. But what really sets him apart is his passion for hunting big white men. Yeah, you heard that right.

Immu Jero is a gay top with a real thing dick for big hips and ass. He sees in his prey a worthy rival in the hunt, and respects them for their rebelliousness and ability to fight back. Hunting for him is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. It fills him with strength and determines the meaning of his existence.

But don’t be fooled by his passion for supposedly traditional hunting. This dude is dangerous as hell. He’s got a deep, menacing voice that sends shivers down your spine, and piercing eyes that seem to see right through you. He follows the ancient traditions of his tribe and believes that eating the heart and glans of his victim gives him their strength. He even takes the time to tan and process their skins as trophies. He prefers melee weapons and traps, and he’s got a developed sense of smell that makes him a successful hunter. He’s even been known to use tranquilizers to capture his prey alive, so he can savor the thrill of the forced sex and dominate for longer.

So if you ever come across Immu Jero, you better watch your back. This dude is not to be messed with. He’s one of the most physically developed hunters out there, and he’s a serious danger to any man he hunts. And if you’re a big man like Micah, you better be ready for a fight because Immu Jero won’t let go without one.

Definitely clear – there is something perverted in this guy, no, not something, everything! He’s got a sick obsession with sex, and he gets off on the thrill of the hunt. He’ll chase his prey down with a perverted energy of lust, and when he finally catches them, he’ll indulge in his twisted fantasies before he kills them. He’s got a thing for big white men with hefty bodies and big hips, and he loves nothing more than staring at their asses and and a bouncing balls between those berams while he hunts them down.


Oh, it seems like I got carried away describing the characters in the comic that you already know. At this point, I should note that we’ve only looked at the key characters who have already appeared in the plot of the comic and you may have formed some initial impressions about each of them. And now they are becoming more complete. As the plot develops, there will be some other characters who will play an important role in this story. We will talk about them when the time comes.

Well, now you know a little more about how I shape the hero’s image and character. Despite the fact that over time my techniques and drawing style may change, it will not confuse you and cause any confusion. Although, of course, these changes are never abrupt and are often almost imperceptible within the framework of one comic.

As for the plot, I follow our branding style at BedtimeStories18.Art. The main idea of which is that we are not interested in creating mainstream comics or following trends and so-called social norms of decency. I am convinced that if a comic cannot arouse your interest and sexual excitement using various kinks and taboo topics, as well as cause shock, then it is not worth my time and attention. Later I will talk more about this to convey my vision of this type of creativity as accurately as possible.

Of course, I understand that this genre is not compatible with popularity, but I hope to find a narrow and dedicated circle of fans. Thank you for your support.

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    very nice! I’ve known micah for quite some time now, and I am excited to see where it goes – I especially have felt the comics kinda always end at the best part – the processing of the boar – I would like to see more of that, perhaps all the way down to the bones so we get a sense of what he is like after say a thanksgiving dinner – a skeleton on a plate if you will, all the choice parts removed.

  2. avatar of champ

    How nice to see the world get a little fleshed out. Very excited to see Micah interact with these guys. I hope each one of them gets to use him to the complete extent of their desire

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