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shirtless burly man dodging arrows in comic scene

In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle

  • 17 min read

Here you will find the latest information on updates to this webcomic project In the genre of deviant creativity with the main character of muscle chubby bear type or bara style. All new pages that are created will be added to this post and you can follow the progress.

a compliment from the chef - chaser 1

A Compliment From The Chef

  • 1 min read

Below is a sneak peek of this content! A Compliment From The Chef 2021-2022-ENDownload In anticipation of the Halloween, we decided to prepare several artworks with chubby bear for this event, in the style you are familiar with. This is one of them, and there… A Compliment From The Chef

preview webcomic: two men roam the jungle

The Red Hog Soup

  • 2 min read

Below is a sneak peek of this content! We continue the series of mini-comics, in the fictional world of Chief Elemental. He continues to prepare his culinary delights. And he develops creatively in his dishes. This time the action takes place in the tropical jungle,… The Red Hog Soup