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Welcome to BedtimeStories18.Art

We are create art stories that excite the imagination and do not leave you indifferent. These are like dream tales about chubby bear gay and hairy men, told by hunters around a night fire. They seem to tickle your nerves and ignite passion by flirting with your instincts. In our invented universe, all this happens with courageous fat males. Welcome if you are one of us or a chaser.

We understand that our comics are not for everyone, and that’s okay. We’re not interested in creating art that is safe or comfortable. We want to push boundaries and explore new territory, and we’re not afraid to take risks. Our comics are for those who are looking for something different, something that challenges their expectations and stimulates their imagination.

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Recent Post

a characters study and his trigger points: in the thumbscrews of jungle

A Characters Study And His Trigger Points: In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle

March 18, 2023 2
Today I have an interesting topic for you to discuss. As a comic book artist with a focus on a rare genre for a specific audience, I’m often asked about the nuances of character creation and how I achieve their recognizable image. In this article, I’ll be taking a closer look at key characters from my latest series, “Prescription BBQ from mr.Laam”, and «
the art of storytelling in comics: finding the perfect shot

The Art of Storytelling in Comics: Finding the Perfect Shot

March 7, 2023 0
Creating a comic book is a complex and multifaceted process that requires a wide range of skills and abilities. It involves more than just drawing characters and creating scenes; it requires the ability to tell a compelling story through images and dialogue.
page 12 coming soon

Page 12 coming soon

March 2, 2023 2
We’re currently working on the text and post-production, and we’re aiming to publish it by March 8th. This page is going to be a real treat for our readers as it’s packed with action, domination, and a big man fighting for his survival.

Recent art

the dark pantheon of male pride

The Dark Pantheon Of Male Pride

January 8, 2023 0
The plot of this episode draws its inspiration from mystical. Shaman of the dark order. He has draws vitality by harvesting the souls and meat of courageous men, large and powerful physique. His victims undergoes a ritual and transformation into a stuffed exhibit in this macabre museum of male pride.
what are you going to ask santa this year?

What are you going to ask Santa this year?

December 31, 2022 0
Every year Santa receives many wish-granting letters. So, what are you asking him? Some tomboy decided to play a trick on Santa and make his wet dreams come true. Asking for a special gaget – prostate massager toy for adult boys. But even more hilariously, he asked Santa to try it out for himself before he sent the gift.
micah boar is chained up and knocked off his feet

Micah boar is chained up and knocked off his feet

September 26, 2022 0
This is an art addition to the 9th page of the comic – In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle. Here the character Micah [ap6y3chub] is in full exposure so you can enjoy the detail in this art.
in the thumbscrews of jungle

In The Thumbscrews Of Jungle

August 26, 2022 0
Here you will find the latest information on updates to this webcomic project In the genre of deviant creativity with the main character of muscle chubby bear type or bara style. All new pages that are created will be added to this post and you can follow the progress.

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An excellent online merchant store, a large selection, and high-quality products can found here worldwide delivery. And we even requests for custom designs. But the most important thing is, of course, the large sizes of T-shirts, including 5XL!
So if you are a big bear, like us, then you need to come here to stock up on T-shirts and sweatshirts with the author’s design from BedtomeStories18.

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studio - fat male ass 7

“…I’ve always found it interestingly challenging to combine inspired art and sexuality. These guys seem to be on the right track, as their comic books include surreal fetishes, impossible-to-satisfy fantasies, subconscious kink, wet dream logics … think of a milder version of J.G. Ballard’s Crash or the tales of William Boroughs but in pulp fiction format, all centered on a sexy chub/boar character. Worth checking out as it adds a cool depth to the bear scene.”

studio - fat male ass 8

“…Amongst so many artists that cater to the human desires and raw emotions, BTS18+ have carved out a niche for themselves as the best in business to mix pleasure and desires with a touch of dark fantasy and have perfected this balancing act. The characters are all very realistically drawn and their expressions convey the fear and the other plethora of emotions to the reader perfectly. I have been a fan of their art for more than a year and BTS18+ have never failed to surprise and entice me with their work…”

studio - fat male ass 9

“...I have been following BTS18+ creativity for several years now. I was awed by how skilled Jim is when I saw the chest hair with its various directions as it is on most men, rather than the as perfectly aligned hair. You guys know a lot about how to show masculinity…”

So… what’s going on here?

So, if you’re a fan of dark, taboo, and sexually charged comics, I invite you to check out our work. We are a creative studio, art-label BedtimeStories18, represented by two guys JimHookins and Mike, known as ap6y3chub (watermelon). Here you will find exclusive art content that is not available on public pages. You could describe it with the term «bara».

As you can see, Jim’s work in a theme about big guys like a hairy chubby bear gay or a muscle chub gay. We love the body aesthetics of these hefty guys, and we are one of them.
But what is even more interesting is the storylines. They are like a bedtime story, stunning and frightening and, of course, sexy and full of passion. You have hardly seen anything like this anywhere else. And it definitely won’t be boring!

With your support, we can continue to create thought-provoking and emotionally resonant art that celebrates the portly male bodies, in all their natural beauty, muscle, fat and fur and desires. I hope you’ll check out our comics and join us on this journey. Together, we can create something truly special.