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The Dark Pantheon Of Male Pride

So meet the first art in 2023. In a way, this is a gift from one of our patrons, who came up with this plot and kindly paid a commission for its create. Therefore, you can get it for free. Although if you are our patron too, you will get additional versions of this art.

The plot of this episode draws its inspiration from mystical motifs in a sense. You see the central character, in the low light shadow of the museum exhibition room, his eyes slightly glare like a predator (reminiscent of Ridick eyes). He is a mysterious figure – a certain shaman of the dark order. He has been living for more than one hundred years, and draws his vitality by harvesting in a special way the souls and bodies of courageous men, large and powerful physique. He and his servants track down the male, and then the victim undergoes a ritual guting and transformation into a stuffed exhibit in this macabre museum of male pride. The stuffed male bodies of the victims are cataloged and meticulously maintained to retain their original natural luxury of their bodies. Now a new exhibit has been installed and the assistant pins a badge to his hairy chest on the skin, while the owner of the museum admires his victims and admires their corpulence, thinking about who the next one will be.

The art contains many interesting details. You can see the stitches in their skin as well as the fitting pins inserted into their hard cocks to keep them in shape and carefully shaved scrotum to best expose the large size of their testicles. Carefully select the skin areas for the barcode tattoo with the catalog number. Each pedestal has a name plate with information about who the man was before he was disembowelled and turned into a stuffed statue. And other things, look to find…

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