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The Dark Design: The Art of Creating Realistic and Justified Scenes in Comics

Sometimes, it’s necessary to do a bit of design and engage in fake engineering to give a sense of realism and justification to what’s happening in a particular frame of a comic book. This sketch shows a corner angle on the device of the procedural chamber in the utility rooms of Mr. Laam Nguyen’s villa. Here, the victim is prepared and their body processed for various subsequent endeavors. You can see mechanized brackets on the ceiling with hooks that can move and slide along rails, shifting the attached carcass. Since he and his entourage prefer exclusively large males, the equipment must be especially strong and designed for a large body weight and spare load, taking into account resistance and fight or flight. There’s also a stainless steel slide-out table with drain holes that can be raised to a convenient height, among other interesting details.
The character of Mr. Laam is a very experienced and wealthy hunter with perverse needs, who can afford a great deal and equip the area as ergonomically as possible to realize his intentions. So all of these descriptive background details also reveal the character’s personality.

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