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Why we will never create designer face masks with prints?

The answer to this question is in our worldview and philosophy. And we emphasize that this is our personal opinion and we do not impose it or declare the only correct one. But we act so in accordance with our convictions. About designer face masks we believe that:

  1. Wearing a face mask is a purely medical preventive measure caused by temporary unfavorable circumstances. And there is no reason for fun.
  2. Bad times will inevitably end, do not make them routine and a trendy. And even more so to get used to this way of life.
  3. Face masks, if you want to wear them, must meet high standards of medicine and biological protection, as well as be disposable if it is not a respirator. Funny rags don’t provide you with protection, don’t be fooled.
  4. Wearing a face mask is not a manifesto, not a creative or a fashion accessory. And no, it shouldn’t become your habitual item.
  5. You don’t look cool in a face mask, on the contrary, it’s terrible, and no print can fix it. But the purpose of the mask is not to make you cool, right? Then you don’t have to worry about what it looks like.

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