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Building new Stronger Defenses for Our Bear Art Culture: The Next Steps

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It’s been a wild ride lately. With the ongoing war against both censorship on one side and piracy on the other, we’ve had to double down on protecting our intellectual property – the chubby comics and bear art we pour our hearts into.

We’re done with being pushed around from both ends. It’s just not fair for anyone to exploit the hard work and personal hours we spend creating each piece of art and comic page. If we let that slide, what’s the point, right?

So, here’s where we make our stand. We’re in this fight day in and day out, and we’re on the lookout for fellow artists and fans who get it – who understand the sweat and time it takes to craft even a single comic page.

We’ve rolled out some new security measures. For starters, we’re releasing content previews on select platforms. The full versions? They’re now tucked away behind a dynamic password-protected link. If you’re an active subscriber to our Tiers, you’ll get the password in our chat groups, granting you exclusive access to our content vault.

Or stick with us right here – this website remains your go-to, independent, and official source for all our work.

Got questions? If there are any gaps or anything that’s not clear, drop us a line. We’re here to make things as simple and understandable as possible.

Here’s to creativity, and here’s to fighting the good fight together!

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